Kristen Style: Hair Guide

Kristen’s hair style in the premiere of her movie On The Road on TIFF was really simple but very gorgeous. To get her hair style follow this steps.

You will need:

Start with your hair kind of wet, not too much, and use the ECRU Marine Thickening Balm throughout the whole head from scalp to ends to give your hair fullness and volume. Then brush your hair with any brush to spread the product to ll the hair. Kristen had big waves in her hair, you can have them using a 11/2 inch size curling iron, so curl large sections of the hair at a time and don’t forget to use a heat protector on your hair first. To give a shinny and soft texture to your hair spray each section of hair with ECRU Sunlight Spray. After curling, you’ll give volume to the crown area back brushing the top section of the hair. Then brush back only the sides and pull the hair into a twisted small ponytail and place it on the top part of the head. Next you will lightly brush back the top section of hair to retain the volume and you will do another twist it into a high voluminous twist. Pin the big twist to the top of the crown covering the small twisted ponytail. To finish use your hands to spread ECRU Acacia Oil by all over your hair to give a shinny look, especially on the sides that should be really tight, and you’re done!