KUWK – I choose love

WARNING: all the Keeping Up With Kristen posts will be written in a very casual way. This first entry will be about tabloids, hate and love. Enjoy.

    Last July, a rough wave of… sadness, disappointment, you name it… hit my, our (maybe?) fandom. I’m sure a lot of you, knowing me, knowing the fandom I’m in, know what I’m talking about. I could have chosen something happy to talk about on this first entry; but no, I chose something that is not very clear in front of outsider’s eyes.

    First of all, when I say “we”, and I believe this is important, I’m not talking about the entire fandom because some people consider themselves a part of this… amazing group and they’re not. They’re just insane psychopaths (pardon my French) who decide to embarrass themselves. I’m here to speak the truth so don’t expect me to hold back on what I have to say.
Now, I know you’re going to say this is “none of our business” and, believe me, I know, but after four years dedicating my life, our life, – in the literal sense of dedicating lives – we see these two people (in my case two, since I don’t just love Kristen, I love Robert as well) as siblings, friends, family. When they tell you, “you can’t be in love with someone you don’t know personally”, that’s a lie and millions of people can attest to that.

    I’m on what I like to call the RK fandom – RK stands for Robert & Kristen. I love them both separately, together,… how can you love just one? I see them as a package. They’re a part of each other in indescribable ways. So, Robert will be a part of some of my entries being that he’s part of her life. This one is no exception!

    I’m not going to get into their background story although I should. You’ll never, ever, understand the past four, five years, unless you’ve been through them and experienced them first hand.

    2012 started off as an amazing year for all of us. We had amazing things happening. The hate towards their relationship and Kristen were subsiding. We had Cannes. She looked so happy. They both did.
They were ready to put this major franchise, Twilight, behind their backs and simply be. Seeing them happen was just so beautiful. You don’t get to see that many times, you know.

    This brings me to what I’ll be talking about today. Here’s a list, just follow my lead.

  • Tabloids (or useless pieces of sh*t, you name it);
  • Hate (yes, you read that one correctly);
  • Love (yes, you read that one correctly as well).

    Here we go.


    Oh, not-so-dear tabloids. We, they, have had problems with them for years. How many times have they married? Broke up? Cheated on each other? Kristen got pregnant? Not to mention the times Kristen was ATTACKED for being human (or even breathing for that matter). And. So. On. Annoying, isn’t it? Now imagine what it is like to walk a day in her shoes. She might be the highest paid actress in Hollywood, but she’s as human as you are. Come to think of it, some of us are almost the same age she is. Imagine that.
People who know nothing about you, who are completely oblivious, judging you… how unfair, is that?!
For three months, since the apocalypse broke, tabloids have been completely ruthless to a young girl for… wait, what? Oh, yes, being a young girl. People make so many mistakes throughout their life. Sh*t happens. You make bad choices, you f*ck up and sometimes you don’t even know why. That’s life.

    Since July they came up with the most ridiculous and vile stories you can think of. From Kristen being pregnant and losing the baby to Kristen being anorexic and mentally unstable. It’s not even their imagination that pisses me off, it’s the fact people believe what they read! You don’t even have to be that smart to figure this out, you just need a little bit of common sense. Think. What about that story about the plants? Yes, because apparently Kristen and Robert were fighting because of their plants – plants.
I could go on and on but I’m pretty sure you already got the picture. On top of the ridiculous stories, you have the reactions they cause. I was (and am) masochist enough to read the comment section of several websites and what I read made me sick. Death threats, insults, … the most ridiculous theories.
Imagine having almost the entire world (in case you haven’t noticed this was worldwide news) dissing you and hating you for a stupid mistake you made. Imagine waking up in the morning and coming online to read hurtful things. How would you feel?

    Tabloids are a big part of the problem, yes, but only because you believe them.


      It sickens me.
How can you hate her? How can you hate a 22 year old girl who made a bad choice and assumed her mistake? And don’t even come to me saying “she was fake, because if the pictures hadn’t come out, she’d never say anything” because, be real, who cares? It’s none of your business anyway and you don’t know what’s going on. I strongly believe she’d tell him and assume her mistake, whether the pictures came out or not without us knowing. Because, you know, she doesn’t owe us sh*t. But, yes, the pictures came out. She admitted her mistake. She exposed herself like never before by releasing a statement.
She’s so human. She’s just like us. The fact she’s a celebrity doesn’t weight anything here. She never even acted like a celebrity before so stop treating her like she’s some royal creature who’s not allowed to move or breathe.

    All the words I’ve read… words can destroy people. Words can be worse than actions because you never forget them – especially the bad ones.

    Kristen attended a concert last week and she looked stunning but did you notice the pictures? Did you notice her friend, her father, trying to hold her and protect her from the madness that were the paparazzi? Worse. What if I tell you Kristen was verbally attacked while walking down the venue to her sit? And she was so strong. I’d probably break down but she held her head up high, enjoyed the concert and left.

     It breaks my heart to even imagine it.

    It’s even worse knowing some of the people who hate her and trash are older than 25, married and with kids. It’s disgusting.

    I wish I knew what else to say but I don’t.
You can choose hate, you know? You can choose to be judgmental, vile, ruthless… but for what? In the end it’ll destroy you as well. Hate is consuming. I don’t choose that.


    I choose love.
I choose love and everything that comes with it.
She’s so beautiful, talented, real, caring. You know, she’s worth it. I stand here, proud, defending her and I’d do it any time.

    She’s worth it.

    It’s so easy to love her if you just allow yourself to.

    Look, here’s the thing, and let me be straight forward on this: you’re not going to get her boyfriend or her wealth so just get over it. That’s not something you can control and you have no right whatsoever to hate someone because they have something you crave and want. Yes, you have freedom of speech, but get a reality check, please. Some things are better left unsaid and hateful words are those things. Get over yourself.

    Like I said, she’s so easy to love. She taught me it’s so ok to be me that I don’t have to change for anyone. She taught me how to survive… how to choose love instead of hate.

    It’s sad to see the person who made me stronger go through this.

    If she can’t make a bad choice, a mistake, without being trashed then what does that leave me? Am I allowed to make mistakes or am I going to be hated as well?

    Here’s the thing: no one would give a sh*t had it been a guy. No one would give a sh*t if she wasn’t famous. Ditto.

    Reflect. Think. Be smart. Don’t lack common sense.

    In the end of the day, she’ll be better than you anyway.

    After all, she’s Kristen f*cking Stewart.